Your partner in electronics

The Sealgas Group has developed a dynamic manufacturing company, which is producing with the newest technology and the right know-how power cord, assembled cables, complete wiring harnesses and LEDs for many companies all over the world with reasonable price without saving on quality.

Golden-General Competitive Advantages

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery times due to warehouse location
  • Optional intermediate storage to support lean manufacturing efforts
  • Quality control through advanced production technologies
  • Confidentiality agreements and security to protect sensitive data
  • Reliable, long-term partnerships

Our products

  • Customized cable harnesses meeting UV and EU standards
  • AC power cables
  • Specialized oil insulated cables
  • UV light-resistant cables
  • Cables with specialized connections
  • LED strips and LED power supplies, LED Driver
  • LED panels certified in various shades
  • SMD RGB LED with CE, UL, ROHS standards

Our services

  • Manual assembly and bundling
  • Packaging, labeling of products as required
  • Electronic pre-assemblies
  • Automatic cutting, stripping cables
  • Tinning, soldering, crimping
  • Mechanical crimping (900-2000 kg)
  • Storage of finished products
  • On-demand delivery

About Us

Currently, we have already produced several varieties of custom-fabricated wiring harnesses. Our own transportation fleet and relations with international freight forwarding companies, allow us to track and manage the whole logistics chain and ensure timely delivery. Additionally, with our own warehouse, we can store your items and deliver on demand in support of lean manufacturing operations. We regard confidentiality with the utmost importance. All of our employees are aware that this is the key to a successful cooperation.