Industrial Gas

Our gas sales is a dynamically growing business offering a wide range of industrial gases to our partners such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, technical welding gases. Moreover, we are delivering high-purity and special gases, as well as various gas mixtures for electronic or medical purposes as well as for the food industry.

About us

As a member of the Sealgas Group, which also has a market presence as a gas distributor agent, we have created a strategic partnership with a number of industrial users, resulting in a significant price advantage over our competitors, while maintaining high quality.

Our gases play an important role in areas such as welding and cutting, metallurgy and chemical, rubber and glass, construction, electronic component manufacturing, food processing, food packaging technology, and environmental protection. In collaboration with our partners, we are engaged in research and development that explores new and emerging applications of industrial gases. The quality of the liquefied and the bottled gases is supervised to the highest standards, furthermore the gas purity is 99.999%.

Advantages of Sealgas

  • Competitive pricing
  • Volume discount
  • Quality control through the latest technology support
  • Accurate and fast delivery terms ADR
  • Confidentiality agreements for the protection of personal data
  • Reliable, long-term partnership