The source of your Powertrain

The main activity of our company is the production of the fuel pump as well as the assembly of the complete module, regulator, armature and other parts.

Our products can be divided into two groups

Some of our products have high added value, such as the complete module, while others are based on automated production lines by robotic technology.

Our production is based on ISO standard and has a clean room where we maintain a constant dust free environment of 22 degrees Celsius to avoid material deformation and dimensional change. As a result, 90% of our parts are self-manufactured, which plays an important role in our market position.

Our colleagues with 25 years of professional experience work with passion and attention to detail every day, therefore we can minimize the risk of error.

In addition, we are a strategic partner to the Tier 1 automotive supplier company, which is constantly evolving our company.

Fuel pump:

  • Petrol, Diesel
  • More than 100 products
  • From engines with the highest cylinder capacity to the smallest