We have your missing capacity

The outsourcing as an outsourced form of production especially with aftermarket production, enables our partners to reduce costs, use their freed-up space for new projects, and focus on their core business. Our group activities include capacity outsourcing, which enables us to provide our partners with production space, technical support, machine operation, and process optimization in a toll manufacturing or in a contract manufacturing arrangement, in which we have many years of experience thanks to working with our automotive partners. The framework of the collaboration can be flexibly customized at the outset in order to provide the most effective solution for long-term coverage of your capacity problems.

Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing:

Cost saving

In an outsourcing arrangement, our company is responsible for the processing of raw materials or semi-finished products into finished products. There is also the possibility to manage the procurement and supply as well. We can use our specialized equipment and infrastructure or your outsourced assembly-line for manufacturing your products in return for a pre-determined fee or amount.

Freed-up space for new projects

Outsourcing enables your company to start a new project at the space, where the outsourced assembly-line was running. This is a great solution for capacity and space problems. The innovation can be brought to life much quicker through outsourcing and the cost can be covered more efficiently and much quicker, then building a new production plant.

Specialized workforce for outsourcing activities

The execution of outsourcing and the moving of the assembly-lines can be also included in our collaboration. Our specialized team consists of professionals in industrial moving and shipping. We can also support the engineering work for the mounting, assembling, and dissembling of the machines. In addition, we can manage the heavy-duty and oversized transportation.

Lower Labor Costs

Lower labor costs are one of the top benefits of outsourcing manufacturing. Labor can be performed at a fraction of the cost for some manufacturers with the right partnership. You can have the production carried out with our workforce. This allows you to avoid bringing new employees into your company, which saves you money on everything from benefits to training.

Contribute to Efficiency

The biggest advantages of outsourcing come with saving money on production costs and improving efficiency across the board. Indeed, it may be much more cost- effective to produce pieces with an alternative manufacturing resource in an environment where things can be made with greater efficiency.