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We offer industrial solutions and services to our partners. In manufacturing, our automotive division includes the production of fuel pumps and other miscellaneous components, as well as the assembly of a number of electronic components such as cables, LEDs, and PCBs. Our services also include outsourcing as an outsourced form of production and contract manufacturing especially with aftermarket production, which enables our partners to reduce costs, flexible planning, and more efficient production. In this way, our partners can use their freed-up production area for new investments. In addition, we provide logistics solutions in the form of transportation, oversized and heavy-duty shipping, and warehousing.

Our corporate culture is based on understanding and flexibility. Thanks to our project-oriented business policy, we are able to deliver high-complexity assignments that are 100% tailored to the needs and requests of our customers and provide solutions to their problems and issues. All this in the light of market expectations and changes, to ensure that our clients are always treated on the highest standard, which is guaranteed by a highly skilled workforce, the commitment of our employees and plenty years of experience due to the decades of industrial coorporation in the region.

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